#1 Diamond Buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson

Nevada Coin Mart is the LARGEST buyer of diamonds in Las Vegas & Henderson. We buy all sorts of diamond pieces, such as (but not limited to) jewelry pieces with diamonds and even loose diamonds. 

At Nevada Coin Mart, we give you the best value for your diamonds. Bring your items to our store to get a free verbal appraisal and evaluation today. 

Expert Assessment on Diamonds

Nevada Coin Mart is home to GIA Graduate Gemologists. We assess your diamonds up-front using expert knowledge on the following basis:

  • Color
  • Cut
  • Clarity
  • Carat
  • & Brilliance

These details allow us to assign a grade for your diamonds and help ensure that we give you the best deals for your diamonds. 

Gold, Silver & Precious Metals 

We use a state-of-the-art machine called the Thermo Scientific Niton X-Ray Spectrometer to test your metals as soon as you bring them to our store. This $30,000 equipment is capable of testing both the interior and the exterior components of your items. This technology allows us to perform a complete and accurate assessment of the composition of your pieces. 

The X-Ray Spectrometer is a nondestructive test, so your jewelry is never damaged. This process is more favored by most customers compared to other cheaper pawn shops that use a scratch test, which leaves permanent dents and damages on your items. 

Best in Las Vegas

Nevada Coin Mart has won various Best of Las Vegas awards. This only means that through time, we continue to strive and maintain our status as the #1 Jewelry and Diamond buyer in Las Vegas & Henderson. So far, we have earned the following recognitions:

  • 2018 Bronze for Best Customer Service
  • 2018 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles
  • 2018 Gold for Best Gold & Rare Coins
  • 2018 Gold for Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift
  • 2019 Gold for Best Antiques/Collectibles
  • 2019 Gold for Best Gold & Rare Coins
  • 2019 Gold for Best Place to Buy a Unique Gift